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The First Three Chapbooks from Write-On Chapbooks!

Write-On Chapbooks, a division of Write-on Publishing is proud to announce the publication of its first three Chapbooks: Rejected Treasure by 12-year-old Olwami Shangase, Salty Words, a collection of folk poems in three languages by Port Elizabeth mother of three Irene Sout, and The Road to My Destiny, by 19-year old Avuyile Stuurman.

What is a Chapbook? A chapbook is a small collection of poetry or prose, generally no more than about 48 pages. It’s typically saddle-stitched (like a pamphlet or magazine) and is a format well suited to smaller print-runs. (For more information on chapbooks see https://www.writeonchapbooks.co.za/chapbooks).

Rejected Treasure tells the story of Olwami’s discovery, at the age of seven, that the man she thought of as her father was actually her step-father, and that she had been rejected as a baby by her biological father. It recounts her anger, her feelings of rejection and low self-worth, her depression, and, finally, how her faith and the love of her mother, step-father and brother brings her to forgiveness and redemption. Her mission now is to inspire and counsel children in similar positions through her writing, public speaking and her work as a model.

Salty Words/Woorde van Sout/Amagama aneTyyuwa is a unique collection of folk poetry in three languages: English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa by Irene Sout. Her poems reflect the reality of life in the urban Eastern Cape – violence, gangs, and poverty, as well as love, humour and respect. Her second chapbook, a short story entitled Snoekie se Plaaslewe, is already in production.

The Road to my Destiny is another heart-wrenching story of familial rejection and ostracism. Avuyile Stuurman was given up by her birth mother and raised in a hostile environment by her father’s family in a rural Eastern Cape village near Queenstown. It is the story of her struggle to come to terms with this rejection and to recover her self-worth, helped by the pastor and congregation of her church. Avuyile is now 19 and, with the help of her church, is studying to be a Media Consultant at Boston College in Queenstown.

Two of these chapbooks were produced in association with Matha Publishers of Port Elizabeth, a small group dedicated to the promotion of reading and literacy and headed up by poet, storyteller and author Madoda Ndlakuse.

Write-On Chapbooks offers highly affordable self-publishing packages to aspiring and existing authors, ranging from just R1500 to R4000. The packages include proofreading, editing, pre-print production, cover design and a limited number of “author copies” of the book. Please see https://www.writeonchapbooks.co.za/publishing-packages for more information.

All these books are available from our Write-on Chapbooks shop,  at just R95 each, excluding postage.